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About Us

MacGregor Welding Systems has held and maintained ISO 9001:2000 approval for many years and is regularly audited to confirm the quality and integrity of it’s products and services, many of which are serve high end aeronautic, space, automotive and medical industries.

About MWS

Founded in the late 1970s MacGregor Welding Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision micro joining equipment for the production industry. MacGregor Welding Systems products include DC micro resistance welding equipment, linear DC welding power supplies, pulsed arc micro TIG welding solutions, micro welding machines for automated production, micro weld heads and Droplet Deposition Equipment (DDE).

The company is at the very forefront of the micro-joining industry and its continuous R&D programme enables MacGregor Welding Systems to supply one of the largest choices of micro-welding equipment available anywhere. MacGregor Welding Systems is ISO 9001:2000 approved and the business offers a full design, build and installation service.  

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Industry Sectors of Expertise

MacGregor Welding Systems offers a complete range of precision joining solutions which are used in many demanding market sectors including:



MacGregor Welding Systems supply a range of micro resistance welding equipment in a selection of current ratings between 600 and 18,000 Amps output. Machines offered by MacGregor Welding Systems range from the budget priced m1 range, which is an ideal replacement for older capacitor discharge equipment, through to highly specified, flagship m3 systems.

For coil termination type applications, MacGregor Welding Systems manufactures a number of different TIG micro-arc machines. MacGregor Welding Systems micro-arc TIG solutions are used by a variety of companies involved in the precision coil termination industry due to the high quality and accuracy of the joints the equipment can attain.

MacGregor Welding Systems also provides a process development service, often leading to full turnkey design, build and installation for the ultimate manufacture of welded products, from basic component jigging to full automation. In house expertise in mechanical engineering, electronic design, software and power system control engineering enables the company to build customized equipment to meet the customer's specific requirements and offer a one-stop, total joining solution.

Another of MacGregor Welding Systems pioneering technologies is the DDE, an abbreviation of Droplet Deposition Equipment, which is designed as a high speed, environmentally friendly replacement for lead soldering.

MacGregor Welding Systems offers a complementary selection of resistance weld heads, which include opposed, parallel gap, automation modules and compliant tip assemblies, together with consumables such as electrodes and cleaning kits.

Welding applications laboratories are maintained at all MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd facilities and offer the opportunity of reviewing the micro-welding equipment and solutions offered by the company in advance of installation. Feasibility and process development services are also provided, to allow for an in depth review of process reliability and process critical variables in advance of production. Contract manufacturing for low volume and prototype level resistance spot welding, or TIG welding manufacturing is also available. Advice can be given on welding equipment, electrode selection and product design.

Sales Offices

A worldwide sales and support operation is provided by MacGregor Welding Systems with offices in the United States, Netherlands and UK. Additional sales and technical back up is provided by a worldwide network of country specific distributors

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