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DC2013T - High Duty DC Spot Welder

The DC2013T HF DC resistance spot welding power supply is designed for high duty, demanding resistance welding applications requiring a high degree of process control and real time data capture.

Elevated output voltages and a narrow footprint make it an ideal choice for automation applications.

The DC2013-T a precision closed loop servo controlled precision DC resistance spot welding power supply, which takes spot weld verification and quality control to new levels within the industry.  Fully closing the process loop on weld quality generation and verification within a single unit increases flexibility and reduces process and plant costs.

These touch screen TCP/IP units intuitively combine an array of SPC process control and monitoring functions with the flexibility and connectivity widely available through modern multimedia formats and devices, such as cameras, keyboards, head drives, USB data stick etc....  Work instructions, QC documents and visual checking methods can now be distributed and updated direct to the shop floor via TCP/IP and related to specific welding schedules.  Similarly, process data can be collected, verified and analysed centrally or locally at the operator station.

Internally, weld schedules have been structured to allow images, files, PDFs, videos and other formats to be directly associated with welding schedules.  This combined with the built in real-time weld parameter monitoring coupled with integral control of force and displacement, creates an entirely self-contained welding and process cell from which the operator can store and draw all relevant information, locally or remotely.

DC2013T High Duty, High Precision 3000A DC resistance spot welding supplies

Typical DC2013T product applications include :-

• Miniature contact welding

• Battery tab and battery pack assembly

• Automotive electronics

• Wire and lead termination

• Lamp manufacture

• Conductive material welding

• 3,000 Amps @ 8V DC

• Current, Voltage and Power Control -  1 amp incremental steps from 5 amps to 3000amps - 1% accuracy

• Programmed pulse times as low as 0.1 ms for short pulse applications

 • Real time feedback and process correction ensures consistency and quality in demanding applications by providing  accurate  and reliable control of weld energy    for sensitive applications

 • Built in SPC data collection and analysis features

• Built in document and image viewing

• Rapid real time correction of weld to weld variations ensures consistent weld quality despite variations in part quality or    cleanliness.

 • Standard I/O allows simple integration into PLC or control system, with an easy connection to manual welding heads

 • USB and TCP/IP in addition to the isolated PLC and RS232 interfaces allowing the unit to be monitored and programmed remotely

• Suitable for use with multiple output distribution units

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