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Advanced UK design and manufacture to ISO9001 with global distribution and support

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MWS est le spécialiste des micro rejoindre la fourniture de produits, de services et d'accessoires provenant de stations manuelles jusqu'à des solutions complètes clés en main de production sur une base internationale.

Nous nous félicitons de demandes de renseignements de toutes les étapes de développement du produit ou de la production.

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Micro Welding Information Sources

Press releases, application notes and a free handbook

Quality assurance methods in sensor manufacturing

New distribution in the US, China, the Far East  & Korea

What is HFDC ? - Improve quality, save on welding consumables

Battery Pack Manufacturing - Special Feature

Technical data sheet library

•  Aerospace high integrity joining

•  Lighting and LED assembly

•  Medical Micro Joining

•  Automotive lead frame and sensor welding

•  Battery pack assembly

•  Electronics & Instrumentation

•  Sensors and transducer assembly

•  Solderless Coil Termination

•  DC resistance welding power supplies

•  Programmable micro TIG arc welding units

•  Manual spot welding heads

•  Servo control welding heads

•  HFDC Inverter bsed supplies

 Welding electrodes

•  Welding Force gauges

•  Weld Process monitoring and SPC analysis software

•  Semi automatic welding systems

•  Fully automatic assembly systems

•  Droplet deposition

 Custom weld head solutions and design

•  Integrated micro assembly solutions

•  Global sales and technical support

•  Robotic welding systems

•  Vision guided systems production assembly

Linear and HFDC resistance spot welders to 18,000A

DC2013T resistance spot welding power supply SMART SERIES SPC ANALYSIS

Produits de soudage

Automotive electronic component to lead frame joining

Automotive lead frame welding

Applications du Soudage

Micro welding camera system

Micro welding with vision capture and correction

Soudage automatisé