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Typical m1 product applications include :-

• Manual Miniature contact welding

• Manual Battery tab and battery pack assembly

• Manual Sensor Assembly

• Wire and lead termination

• Manual Conductive material welding

• Short pulse weld capability is ideal for conductive material joining

• Low cost unit with highest standard of performance

• Ideal replacement for capacitor discharge welding equipment

• Short pulse weld capability is ideal for conductive material joining

• Intuitive graphical user interface incorporating advanced waveform weld monitoring

• Closed loop control of current, voltage and power provides exceptional control of output

• Simple programming

• Single phase power, 95–260 VAC

• Single and dual pulse modes including part conditioning function

• 15 stored programmes

• Weld logging capability

• Compact, lightweight design

The advanced m1 user interface allows the user to view the welding profile in real time while remaining simple to navigate through the comprehensive menu structure.

m1-10   Linear

m1-40   HFDC

The m1 series is a compact, lightweight single phase power supply range aimed at bringing superior technology at affordable prices.

The units offer closed loop control with embedded monitoring and are an ideal option for a wide range of applications.

The series consists of two models, the m1-10, offering linear technology, especially designed for precision low current applications and the m1-40 which is designed for higher current applications.

m1-10 series manual linear spot welding machine m1-40 series manual hfdc spot welding machine

m1 HFDC and Precision Linear DC Resistance Welding Supplies

The m1 series

The m1 series of DC resistance welding supplies is designed for low duty, manual resistance welding applications requiring a high degree of repeatability and process control.

The units are very small and operate from a single phase supply.

M1 series : Manual Welding Systems Overview