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The m31 Smart Series

The m31 smart series offers a precise and responsive control of welding output for applications requiring larger currents.

The units employ a unique twin loop control circuit enabling HFDC technology to provide performance similar to Linear DC. The unique system ensures a minimal output ripple across the entire operating range thereby permitting highly accurate process measurements to be taken in real time.  

All m31 units have a graphical interface that allows precise process window tolerances to be applied.  

All units have PLC, Ethernet & RS232 and PC interfaces for remote control, programming and SPC data recording.  

Options include built in servo weld head drive interface.

m31 Series : High Duty DC resistance welding power supplies

Typical m31 product applications include :-

• Miniature contact welding

• Battery tab and battery pack assembly

• Automotive electronics

• Wire and lead termination

• Lamp manufacture

• Conductive material welding

•  6,000 / 12000 / 18000 Amp Versions

•  Current, Voltage and Power Control

•  Single phase and 3-phase input available

•  Programmed pulse times as low as 0.1 ms for short pulse applications

•  Real time feedback and process correction ensures consistency and quality in demanding applications by providing accurate and reliable control of weld energy for sensitive applications

•  Rapid correction of weld to weld variations ensures consistent weld quality despite variations in part quality or cleanliness.

•  Graphical user interface with oscilloscope functions provides unprecedented process information

•  Text Based Fault Screens

•  Fully Programmable profiles with Current, Voltage and Power Control

•  Fully Programmable Dual Pulse Profiles Digital Calibration without removing covers

•  Standard I/O allows simple integration into PLC or control system, as well as easy connection to manual welding heads

•  Embedded welding monitor provides process feedback data via I/O, Ethernet & RS232

•  Suitable for use with multiple output distribution units

The m31 Smart series of HF DC resistance welding power supply is designed for high duty, demanding resistance welding applications requiring a high degree of process control and real time data capture.

Models are available from 6000 to 18000 amps @ 5%duty with <1% ripple.

m31Series data