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Macgregor HQ

Advanced UK design and manufacture to ISO9001 with global distribution and support

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Manufacturing at MWS

Manufacturing at MWS

Macgregor welding systems headquarters in the UK

MacGregor Welding Systems has a state of the art manufacturing facility operating in accordance with ISO9001.

All products are designed and then manufactured in house with strict quality checks throughout the process.

Founded in the late 1970s MacGregor Welding Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision micro joining equipment for the production industry.

MacGregor Welding Systems products include DC micro resistance welding equipment, linear DC welding power supplies, pulsed arc micro TIG welding solutions, micro welding machines for automated production, micro weld heads and Droplet Deposition Equipment (DDE).

The company is at the very forefront of the micro-joining industry and its continuous R&D programme enables MacGregor Welding Systems to supply one of the largest choices of micro-welding equipment available anywhere. MacGregor Welding Systems is ISO 9001:2000 approved and the business offers a full design, build and installation service.

Micro Arc Power supply awaiting test Manufacturing at Macgregor Welding Systems

Production and test

MacGregor machines and equipment are hand built by highly trained and experienced assembly technicians.

Each power supply is rigorously checked at each stage of assembly prior to entering the test department.

The performance and calibration of every machine is 100% verified during the testing process in accordance with approved international and ISO9001 standards.  All calibration is traceable back to NPI standards.

Following the test cycle, each and every machine is subjected to 24 hour burn in soak test which is then followed by a further function test prior to shipment.

An extensive stock of raw materials and sub-assemblies ensures product delivery lead times are minimised.