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Micro Arc Welding Power Supplies

The PaxxP range of Programmable Micro Arc TIG welding power supplies offer linear precision and high duty cycle.

These supplies are true linear DC systems which have negligible ripple and extremely high accuracy.

● Relay and Solenoid Coils

● Ignition Coils

● Voice Coils

● Microphones

● Actuator Coils

● Reed Switch Assembly

● Motor Terminations

● Proximity Sensors

● Automotive Electronics

●  Touch Screen Keypad

●  USB port for display reprogramming

●  MWS Bus for future expansion

●  Isolated RS232 port for PC or PLC programming

●  Isolated I/O port (37 way D type) Including trigger faults

●  Two and Four output options for automatic multiple welding

●  I/O, Config and Calibration screens

●  99 memory locations for either single or double pulse weld profiles

●  Weld Voltage high and low limits

●  Weld Energy high and low limits

●  Weld counter up to 65000

●  Colour profile screen displaying all selected parameters

●  Single or Double pulse option

●  Graph of Voltage for last weld

●  Graph of energy trend against time

●  Automatic two pulse welding operation

●  Compact and easy to program

●  Upslope, peak and downslope programmable times

●  Output ripple less than 1%

●  Output current accuracy within 1%

● Mechanical Instruments

● Transformers

● Inductors

● SMT Inductive Devices

● Lead Free Joining Process

● Intermetallic Fusion between wire and pin

● Superior Thermal Shock performance

● No Flux/Post Process Cleaning

● Short Process Time (less than 100ms)

PAxxP Micro Arc Welding Supply

PaxxP datasheet

The  PAxxP range of programmable pulsed arc power supplies are linear based precision arc-welding units capable of producing repeatable and accurate current pulses. These units are specifically designed for high accuracy, solder free, zero contact joining often replacing solder and crimping techniques.  

Micro arc welding is a process that can be used to simultaneously remove wire insulation while forming a welded joint between the wire and target connection point in a matter of milliseconds.  This makes them an ideal choice for high speed manufacture of coil based products.  

Our PAxxP units use closed loop electronics to constantly monitor the arc and produce accuracies within 1%.


Arc Weld Monitor

Micro Arc Weld Monitor

A range of monitoring equpment designed for easy retrofit quality control monitoring and measurements for older welding equipment.  

These units utilise a SMART interface that provides 4 channels of independent input, 99 reference channels and a host of window tolerance features and SPC data capturing, allowing users to clearly measure, define and then control their process on older equipment.

Smart Micro arc weld process monitoring