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Resistance Welding Heads

MacGregor resistance spot welding heads are high precision units which deliver highly repeatable welding with excellent follow up.

Compact, narrow body modules are perfect for mounting in automation applications.  Displacement & force feedback options are available.

Precision DC Resistance Spot Welding Heads

Servo Spot Weld Heads - 400N

Constant Force Weld Head

Resistance Welding Modules

Universal Weld Heads

MacGregor precision weld heads and modules provide a flexible and robust micro welding head with excellent performance throughout the force range specified. All models are based upon a unique module design that can be fitted with force and displacement sensors. The modules are very compact and narrow making them ideal for demanding automation applications.The Universal Series of welding heads offers the user a tool free adjustment of the weld head height and base plate assembly. A very low moving mass and low friction bearing system set these apart from conventional designs.

The welding heads are available in three basic configurations:

• Very low inertia delivers fast process response and rapid settling.

• Suits all drive systems : motor, pneumatic, manual.

• Proven, rugged design ideal for automation.

• Narrow footprint permits high density mounting in confined areas.

• Options for built in force and displacement sensing transducers.

• Automotive components

• Hot staking and crimping

• Solar cell assembly

• Lamp manufacture

• Conductive material welding

• Contact welding

• Sensor and component welding

• Thermode staking applications

• Battery tab & pack assembly

• Gold ribbon welding

• Pneumatic Automation

Integrated Weld Heads

Opposed electrode                  Pneumatic or manual

Twin (Parallel gap) electrode    Pneumatic or manual

High Force opposed                Pneumatic


Standard module                     2   - 70N force range

Mini module                            2   - 50N force range

High Force module                  10 - 500N force range

Constant force bench top weld heads MacGregor Standard Weld Head Range Constant force weld head - opposed

SMART Series - High speed electronic servo spot weld heads

SMART Series electronic servo weld heads seamlessly integrate with SMART series DC spot welding power supplies to provide total process definition and control with one simple solution.  Process parameters can be defined at the machine or via Ethernet and are fully closed loop controlled to ensure ultimate repeatability and accuracy.  

Real time measured parameters are recorded and can be analysed at the touch of a button via the integral SMART SPC graphical functionality.

Typical application include high end medical, automotive and aerospace manufacturing.


High Force Weld Heads - 700N


MACH1 Servo Weld Heads

Electronic servo weld head